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Bekah Zorgdrager

Look around you. Does life often look or feel frantic? Do you, or those around you, feel overworked or over scheduled? Work, family, life is often full of busyness these days; yet that busyness rarely contributes to greater productivity or satisfaction.
The Distillery podcast is for people desiring to clarify who they are in order to live a rich & purposeful life.
Bekah Zorgdrager is an organizational strategist, coach and former pastor. An avid researcher with a love of learning and sharing knowledge with others. She’s also a wife and mother of three beautiful, energetic, creative, exasperating, wonderful children. ‚Ä®Bekah created the distillery to help others find the courage to do the work of discovering their purpose & living a life they’re proud of now.

Want to work with Bekah?

I’d love to help you live a life you’re proud of. For information on coaching email [email protected] or get in touch through the Contact page.
If you’d like help for your business/organization to close the gap between intention and action head over to my business website www.growstrategic.ly and get in touch with me there.

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