Episode 002 Purpose How Part 1

Clarifying your own purpose is helpful in seeking to live an intentional life you’re proud of.
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Clarifying your purpose is helpful, how do you do that?
Know yourself to know what’s next.

Five powerful areas to know yourself in: wiring, beliefs, gifts, passions and values.
We’ll dig deeper into each area.

How well do you know yourself?

Back to the map. You must know yourself, who you actually are, in order to know your starting point. For a map to be useful that starting point is important information.

Thinking through these things with intention can bring to the surface new information and new self-understanding.
Knowing your wiring, beliefs, gifts, passions and values aren’t prescriptive – they don’t determine or restrict what you can or can’t do – and they’re not all completely unchanging. Yet looking at these things is helpful information and can help you more intentionally make decisions.

Example of organizing and how intentionally understanding and looking at myself through these lenses helped me make the choice to spend time and energy organizing my house even though it’s not something I naturally value or do well.

We’ll dig even more into the nitty gritty in the next episode!

End of episode coaching question:
How well do you currently know yourself?

If you ignore the importance of knowing yourself more as you pursue purpose in your life what do you stand to gain? And what do you stand to lose?

If you begin or further the work of knowing yourself as you discern purpose more intentionally, or choose to pay more attention to your purpose that you already know, what do you stand to gain? And what do you stand to lose?

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