Episode 003 Purpose How Part 2

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How can you figure out your purpose? Purpose is person’s understanding of why they exist and what they uniquely have to offer to the world that aligns with who they are (wiring, beliefs, gifts, passions, values).

Basically, your purpose is your why.

The goal of this podcast is to help you live a life you’re proud of; this work relates to self awareness, emotional intelligence, etc. and the lens of purpose can help provide motivation for why these things are even important…

I used to picture self-awareness, purpose work, like a monk meditating on a mountain and never leaving; that’s not very motivating.
I’ve learned that purpose work helps me show up in life in a way I’m proud of, it’s motivating because I’m in my life more, not less, and the same can be true for you!

You look into your purpose to know your why. To benefit yourself and others.
Put energy into this work and you will get that energy back.

How do you go about figuring out your purpose?

Learn! Pay attention to how you learn best.
Learn from people who are farther down the line than you are in doing this kind of work. Learning from them can help you go further along your own path, even if they are just a little ways further along than you are.
Talk with a friend. Read a book. Read a blog. Listen to a podcast. Learn from other people and the knowledge they share.
Use personality assessment tools like DISC, Enneagram, etc. to learn about your wiring, which may lead to insights about your beliefs and values in areas where your behavior differs from the behavior predicted by your type.

Carve out time for self-reflection.
This can be done around the specific areas fleshed out in Episode 2 (wiring, beliefs, gifts, passions, values) but also around other questions such as why things are important to you and how you got to where you are.
Reflect through journaling (or using voice memos on your phone), or talking to a trusted friend, partner, counselor, coach or all of the above.
Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings throughout the day and ask some focused questions of yourself, especially when you notice recurring thoughts or feelings.
Look back over your life through focused reflection or a personal retreat or with some coaching. Learn to sit in silence. Or perhaps remember old practices that have been helpful to you in the past and try them (it) out again.

How do you figure out your purpose if you have no time to do purpose work?
First discern how true that concern is for you right now.

Are you in the midst of a major life event? This is a big thing in and of itself. And maybe not the time to do work around purpose, but there will still be growth here! Sometimes these big things can help you hone in on your purpose in a different kind of way.

Or is it perhaps a habitual pattern or behavior or over commitment that’s sucking the life out of you, making you feel you have no capacity for intentional purpose work? You might have more control over this than you think. Looking at the patterns of your life can help you identify what’s really going on with your time and capacity.

**If you’re stressed or overwhelmed about another area of your life, such as finances (a common thing!), you may need to at least begin to address this first before you can really have the energy for purpose work. There are many financial experts out there that can help you in this area. I’ve personally benefited from the teachings of Dave Ramsey and his team (although I do not follow his baby steps perfectly).

This work is important to discern internally and within community. It doesn’t need to be a large community but it needs to be a TRUSTED COMMUNITY.

I’ve made a great resource for diving deeper into purpose work available to you here (on the main homepage) called the Purpose Journal. You can download it for free. You don’t even need to provide an email address.

End of episode coaching question:
If you’re not planning to engage the purpose resource, what might be getting in the way? Is time an issue? Do you already have a good sense of what your purpose is?

If you do want to engage the purpose resource, what’s your plan for making sure that this happens?

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