Episode 006 Minisode Priorities

Have you felt encouraged, inspired, challenged in a good way as you’ve listened to these initial episodes?
What have you done with those feelings?
I get it, life is busy, our culture bustles with unrelenting business, and often it can feel as though life is an exercise is trying to stay afloat, there’s no time for extras!

Or maybe you don’t feel that crazy busy but just aren’t sure it’s worth the effort to really focus on growth, to spend extra time reflecting on questions or to download the purpose journal resource.
Perhaps there are just other areas you’d prefer to focus your energy on because you know what you’ll get back…

There are so many reasons, such a wide variety of dynamics, that effect how we all spend our time.
One aspect of that was my initial focus for this episode; prioritizing.

Whatever dynamic is at play for you if that’s something you want to address, please let me help!
I started this podcast to hopefully provide an avenue that makes growth feel more doable, more possible, to help you identify one small step to begin with and when you’re ready another small step after that.

So here’s my offer: Please leave me a rating and review on apple podcasts and then send me an email with your review to thedistillerypodcast @ gmail.com – or you can simply send me an email through the contact form here – in your email let me know what mode of communication you check that sticks out to you, is helpful to you. Whether text, email, snail mail, give me your info and I’ll send you some reminders and encouragement around what we’re talking about around here…

Keeping these things in the front of your mind is a simple thing you can do to move forward in your own growth. There’s an ancient book of wisdom that instructs saying, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”*
It’s easier to do when you’re not alone, so let me help you and walk with you in a small way.

Let’s keep growing together.

This is a minisode because I needed to live into my priorities the last several days. My family needed me in unexpected ways I didn’t plan for and I chose to be available.
It wasn’t an easy choice, there was still internal struggle, but I’ve articulated enough what’s most important to me that I could talk myself through it and still have a somewhat decent attitude…

The coaching question today is from the introductory episode.
I know it’s easy to listen to encouraging or challenging content and let it end there. You’re busy, I’m busy, there’s so many things pulling for our attention! And good questions are worth asking more than once, and worth pondering more than once.
Don’t be hard on yourself!
Self reflection is a great place to start and exactly what this podcast is for…

Ending Coaching Questions:
What value do you imagine receiving from intentionally distilling more of who you are?
What might you lose if you don’t create space for yourself to grow?

*From the Bible, Philippians 4:8.

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