Episode 007 Prioritizing

Hi friends, welcome back! The offer I made last week for those who leave me a rating and review on Apple Podcasts (or elsewhere) still stands! If you need a refresher on that hop over to the show notes from episode 006 and you’ll quickly see all the information you need.

Our topic of the day will cover more fully what was mentioned in last week’s minisode: prioritizing.

What’s the point of prioritizing? Isn’t this just another something I “should” be doing?

No! It’s important to recognize the control you have over what you are spending time on; prioritizing can help you take control over the “shoulds” versus what’s actually important to you.

Prioritizing isn’t being more efficient; it’s not simply figuring out how to “work smarter, not harder.”
Prioritizing is making decisions about what things need to happen and what things don’t need to happen. Whether looking at your daily or big picture, prioritizing will mean cutting things out.

Time is the focus on this prioritizing episode because it’s truly the only non-renewable resource we all have. There are certainly other areas prioritizing can be applies to but for this episode time is what we’re focused on.

There are various exercises you can engage to focus on your priorities with more intention, however, I’m not creating or sharing any particular ones at this time to encourage you to take the time and capacity you have to begin or continue through the purpose journal resource. Using that resource will certainly aid you in growing with boundaries, prioritizing, etc. as well.

If prioritizing is the main thing you want to focus on you can certainly google a time tracking exercise to help you gather information on where your time is actually spent and/or look up a general life priorities exercise to help you process through what’s most important versus what’s most urgent within your life.

However, prioritizing work can be done on a smaller basis, looking at a particular piece of your life without needing to address the whole thing all at once, especially if the idea of that seems overwhelming!

What area of life feels most out of balance?
Or feels most urgent to address?
What’s one thing you can prioritize to shift the energy in that area of your life?

Is there outside pressure shaping what you’re doing, making it difficult for you to be doing what’s really most important to you?

You don’t need to start big! You can start small looking at your day or even at the options in front of you when you’re wresting with what to do in a particular moment in time…
This work can start by simply paying attention when that area of your life comes up throughout the day. Pay attention, ask yourself some questions, see what you can uncover simply by paying attention intentionally.

Example of how I slowly began prioritizing walking, getting some steps in every day. I didn’t start out and immediately get to the point I’m at now. I progressed slowly, let go of the “best” and found what genuinely felt doable and worked for me along the way.

End of episode coaching question:
Where are you actually spending your time on a day to day basis?
Are there things you’d like to be doing but continually struggle to have time for?
How can you intentionally focus on your answers to these questions?

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