Episode 008 Minisode Grace for the New Year

Time for a little New Year reset.

Does anyone else feel like 2018 just barely started? Yet one of only 12 months has already gone by…

This is a good time to take stock of where you are and where you hope to go in 2018.

And do this through a lens of graciousness.

Grace is much richer than being nice or kind, than abstaining from being overly critical, grace withholds judgement; including whether or not that judgment is justified.

With any judgments you’re giving yourself or others the “truth” probably lies somewhere along a spectrum whether you tend to be too soft or too hard.
There’s more nuances needed when talking about giving grace to others so the focus of this minisode is self-grace.

Grace also sees, believes, calls out the best of what’s possible.

Grace says, “I know who you can be” not “I know who you are” or “I know who you’ve always been.”

Is the year starting out how you’d hoped/planned?
Awesome! Consider what practices, goals, etc. will keep you along that path.

Has the year had a rough start? Or does it perhaps feel haphazard or like you’re simply taking what’s coming at you?

Remember grace!

Take some time to think through where you are, who you are, what your goals, intentions, and hopes are for the year.

Consider using the purpose journal to help hone your focus; it’s a great tool that can help you be truly intentional.
Discerning who you are, living into the best of who you’ve been created to be, these things don’t just happen; you must be intentional and create the time and space for growth to occur.

However the year has started out for you, be gracious to yourself so you can be freed up to put your energy and effort into being the best of who you are.

End of episode coaching question:
What are your goals for the year? Is that something you’ve thought through intentionally?
What is your important next step in setting or working towards your goals for the year?
How can you best set yourself up for success in actually taking that next step?

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