Episode 010 Minisode How To Embrace Good Enough

Welcome to another minisode!

In working to embrace good enough, like many other areas of growth, you must know yourself. What’s your main struggle in relation to the concept of good enough? Where does that struggle lie along a spectrum of “never good enough” and “always good enough”.

It’s also important to pay attention. Where is your focus? Where does your focus tend to be? Do you notice and give yourself a healthy “pat on the back” when you’re living into “good enough” in an area?
Or do you easily give yourself a “pat on the back” even when you haven’t done much? Or perhaps refuse to ever give yourself a “pat on the back” no matter how hard you’ve worked?

Think specific and concrete. With a specific area in mind, think through what “good enough” looks like? What gets done? What gets left undone? How much time is spent in that area? How much emotional energy or focus does it get?
Define what good enough looks like and feels like; define this in a positive way with what you are doing instead of what you’re not doing.

In defining “good enough” take into consideration the truth; what your current capacity, situation, finances, time, etc. actually are. This is real life, real world, not what “good enough” would be in the ideal scenario if xyz were true (but aren’t currently true).
Define “good enough” based on the true reality you’re working within right now and know this kind of processing continues and changes throughout your life as your situation changes too.

End of episode coaching question:
What’s one area of your life where thinking through “good enough” is important right now?
What is the truth, the reality, around that area of your life?
Given the reality, what would “good enough” look like? And how will you intentionally works towards that place?

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