Episode 011 Growing Is Hard AND Worth It! Part 1

We’ve looked at many topics together over these initial episodes, they all center around this idea of growth and growing as a person.

Growing is hard AND it’s so worth it!!!

What does it mean to grow? What does it mean to grow as a person? What does it look like? How can someone know if that type of growth is happening within their own life?

Just like with companies and organizations, if we’re not growing and progressing as individuals we’re one step away from declining or dying in some way. And at some point we all outgrow the people and structures put in place that are responsible for our growth and must recognize and take ownership over our own continued growth as a person.

So what does it mean to grow? What does it look like?

As with many things we have and will address here, there’s not one simple, clear answer that’s the same for all people. And an important place to start is seeking to find your “real/true” self. I believe each person is made beautifully and uniquely in the image of God. If you’re not a person of faith you can still see the dignity and worth of human life especially when looking at children.
Because each of us are made with dignity, value, worth, AND uniquely, the process for each person will be at least somewhat unique as we pursue figuring out who we really are.

Another way to look at growth on perhaps a smaller scale is to look at characteristics of yourself and how they have grown or changed over time. Asking yourself am I more patient/kind/confident than 2 years ago?

At about this point in all this self focus on growth I can start asking myself, “is this really self-growth or self-obsession?”
That’s definitely a question to pay attention to! Give yourself some checks on occasion to make sure you’re maintaining the duality that true, healthy, life-giving self growth holds together what’s best for you and for other people.

Sometimes, perhaps oftentimes, hardship can lead to growth. This doesn’t mean bad things always (or ever?) end up being good. It does mean good can come from even the hardest things – this truly is a sign of a loving God – and sometimes those things can kickstart growth within us.

End of episode coaching question:
How do you currently understand self growth or growing as a person?
What questions, frustrations or uncertainties do you have as you think about personal growth?
What will help you work through those questions in an intentional way?

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