Episode 012 Growing Is Hard AND Worth It! Part 2

Last episode we focused on the difficulty of growth and a little on how growth can come about in your life. I didn’t get through everything so here’s part two, focusing more on the “worth it” part of growth.

One way growth is valuable is it can help uncover patterns we’re contributing to that are easy not to see or recognize. I share an example of how I used to get sick at the close of every semester of school; over time I realized I was a contributor to this pattern…
Seeing and recognizing the pattern is the first step in being able to take back some control over that pattern and change it moving forward.

Growth almost always involves being uncomfortable, and staying in our “comfort zone” keeps us from growth. So often what’s easiest in the moment only perpetuates our unhelpful patterns. Making a different choice, breaking a pattern, will be hard or even painful in the moment.

Physically this is true. Think about the “growing pains” you get as a child, or the pain that sometimes comes with baby teeth falling out and adult teeth growing in. Growth is often uncomfortable and sometimes painful in the moment, when it’s at it’s peak. Pain or discomfort doesn’t always signal something bad to avoid!

Growth means there’s forward movement/progress; but the process isn’t linear!
Think of concentric circles moving in towards the center (your core, best, true self) but the circles aren’t perfectly circular, they’re more egg shaped. This means progress wont be linear. It may feel at times you’re going backwards; try to step back and keep the big picture in mind and be gracious to yourself along the way.

End of episode coaching question:
What’s an area of your life you can look at and see growth in?
How can you use a recognition of past growth to aid and encourage you as you work to continue that growth or as you work to grow in another area of your life?

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