Episode 013 Minisode Get Growing!

Beginning growth can feel overwhelming but you just need to get started. Get started and think small.

Think small. Small steps, small changes can lead to big growth over time.

Starting small means looking at one particular area of your life, not every area of your life.
A small area may mean looking at a particular trait of yours and working to increase it. Even if what you can first name is a negative trait, such as anger, dig deeper to articulate the positive trait you feel lacking in that would help counteract the trait you want less of.
Another way to start small is to look at or focus on a particular area of your life.

Take that small things you’d like to grow within and place that in the big picture of your life only if that helps or energizes you to move forward. For some people the big picture is helpful. For others it can be so overwhelming it makes getting started even harder. Know yourself and set yourself up for success as best as you can.

Use discernment to identify this growth area for yourself.
If you’re a person of faith, pray. Ask these questions of God, pray, and then leave space to listen.
If you’re not religious or a person of faith you can also meditate on it, ponder, journal, etc. Create space to intentionally process what an important growth area for you to focus on is.
If you have trusted people in your life, ask for their perspective/feedback/wisdom.

Next minisode will primarily be a series of questions as a follow up to this episode. Identify that one thing you’re going to focus on for your own growth to get the most out of the next episode.

End of episode coaching question:
Have you identified your one thing / trait / area you’re ready to focus on and grow within?
If not, what will help you identify that growth area with confidence?

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