Episode 014 Minisode Questions For Growth

The questions in this episode are focused around an identified area of growth. If you don’t have that yet come back and listen to these questions again once you’ve identified that area. Go back and listen to episode 011, 012 and 013 if you need some help in identifying a growth area to begin with.

You can also email me thedistillerypodcast at gmail.com (or leave a comment here, etc.) with your identified growth area once you have it and I’ll send you these questions to think through and help you identify your next practical steps. I may even send you a follow up email later to ask you how it’s going.

Before jumping into the questions we’re going to quickly look at growth through the lens of the choices we make which bring about change and with that the dynamic of both gain and giving up with each choice/change; this is true even when the change is something we really want and are working towards.

In other words, growth will bring both gains and losses.

Are you still feeling resistant to spending intentional energy on growth? Perhaps this gain/loss dynamic that comes with change of any kind is coming into play.

All of the coaching questions from the episode are written out below. Use these questions to actually process where you’re at right now and identify a practical step for moving forward in your own growth journey.

The initial questions encourage you to look at this gain/loss dynamic discussed earlier and then they transition into moving forward with your identified area of growth.

Episode coaching questions:
What have you identified as the most important place to focus on growth in your life?

Any change, whether good or bad, something you wanted or not, will come with some amount of loss and often gain as well. If nothing changes in the area you’ve identified for growth what do you stand to lose?
If nothing changes what do you stand to gain?

If you’re able to move forward and grow within the area you’ve identified for growth what do you stand to gain?
If you grow within this area what might you lose?

If you struggled to name something in response to each of the four previous questions take some time and push yourself to identify at least one thing within each area. Sometimes the potential gains or losses you name may not seem all that impressive once you’ve named them, especially within the “nothing changes” questions, yet it can still be a powerful and important exercise to actually name these things as you intentionally seek to grow.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being this is an area of utter weakness or deep chronic struggle, 10 being this is an area of complete strength where you naturally show up as you’d hope to all the time) what number do you place yourself at right now in the area you’ve identified?

What would it look like if you were able to move up one number from where you currently are (so for example from a 4 to a 5)?
How would you know that growth had taken place?

What will help you in your effort to grow in this area? What resources, information, etc. might be helpful for growing within the area you’ve identified?

What is the most potent next step you can take to begin or continue your growth?

When will you check in with yourself and the progress you’ve made towards taking that next step and growing?

How will you hold yourself accountable to follow through on what you’ve identified today?

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