Episode 017 Minisode Perspective Is Everything

Last episode we talked about being too busy and I walked you through some questions encouraging you to name one thing or one area that busyness comes from and choose one small action you can commit to that will address that busyness.

I hope that you followed through and got value from that episode. If you didn’t follow through, or struggled coming up with one small action item, I’d encourage you to go back and listen again, probe your mind as you listen and commit to something that will help move you forward towards living a life you’re proud of…

Today’s minisode touches on that busyness feeling from a slightly different angle – perspective.
There’s definitely value in what we did last week, digging in deeper to that busyness feeling and where it comes from.
There can also be value in choosing to shift your perspective and look at something other than what’s bothering you or dragging you down.

It can be easy to trick ourselves into thinking we don’t have a choice about our perspective, what we choose to look at or focus on. As soon as I say that you know it’s not true, right? Physically, visually, if you’re staring straight ahead you can move your head to the side and look right or turn around and look behind you, etc. Emotionally you can do that as well. Sometimes when life feels overwhelming or too much, too busy as we talked about last week, or too lonely, too empty, too… you fill in the blank. Sometimes when life feels that way there can be immense value in choosing to shift your perspective, choosing to look at your life differently or through a different lens.

There are many lenses, today I want to highlight just two: celebration and gratitude.

Look at your life – what do you have to celebrate? Now, don’t start listing off in your head the things you DON’T have to celebrate or the big things you’re hoping to celebrate soon. What do you have to celebrate right now? It doesn’t have to be big, in fact learning to take time to recognize the small wins, the small things to celebrate in life, is a really valuable skill. Just by asking yourself what you have to celebrate you’ve turned your head a little to one side emotionally, you’re suddenly focused on finding what’s good.

It’s a similar dynamic with gratitude. Simply ask yourself, what do I have to be grateful for? And really make yourself answer the question. EVERYONE who is listening to this podcast has numerous things they can name to be grateful for in life.

This is an area the Bible has some perfectly articulated wisdom to share. At the end of a letter to a group of believers they’re reminded, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”*
Think about such things. That truly is timely and timeless advice.
Sometimes when things feel off, or overwhelming, not good in some way, this really is the advice that we need.
Think about such things.
Turn your heart just a little to the side, look at what you can celebrate, or what you can be grateful for. Allow these things to play into your internal narrative of how you understand your own life.

End of Episode Coaching Questions:
What’s something you can celebrate in your life right now?
What are you grateful for? Take some time and name at least seven things you’re grateful for; go ahead, I know you can do it!
Think back through your answers – the thing you can celebrate, the things you’re grateful for – what can you learn from your answers to these questions?

*From Philippians 4:8 NIV

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