Episode 018 Do You Have Common Sense?

Today we’re talking about common sense, which is actually a very important topic.

Here’s the important truth: Common sense isn’t common knowledge or common nature.

Ok, what does that mean? Why is it important? I’m so glad you asked!
There’s a lot of common sense wisdom floating around that’s really great information. The kind of thing that, when you hear it, just makes sense. You know what I’m talking about:
“If you want to save money spend less than you earn.”
“If you’re lonely pick up the phone and call a friend.”
“If you want to learn something new spend time doing that thing every day.”

You get my drift… These examples all represent some common sense wisdom. You hear it, read it, and it just makes sense. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize common sense.

Yet just because something makes sense doesn’t mean its information we’re aware of or living into on a daily basis.

Common sense is so simple it can be easy to dismiss or ignore when we hear it. It takes humility and courage to acknowledge there may be simple, easy to understand truths you’re completely unaware of or have been ignoring.

Ah, but here’s where it gets trickier. Because once we know something consciously most of us assume we’ll easily, naturally align our actions with this knowledge. Yet even as you hear that statement you probably realized that this often doesn’t happen! Why is this?

Common nature often leads us to save energy in the moment, even when it costs us more in the long run. Common sense usually requires more energy in the moment in order to save energy in the long run.

This dynamic is where the break down occurs. If we’re not paying attention most of us will behave in a way that saves our effort or energy in the moment because that’s literally what will “feel” and “seem” best. Paying attention allows us to see the bigger picture and reminds us that a little more effort right now will result in a significant savings later, sometimes in as little as five minutes!

It’s hard to gain that self awareness on your own without accountability or outside perspective. Coaching and/or counseling are really helpful for developing greater self awareness. But if you want to take a small step towards living a life you’re proud of now you can begin by regularly asking yourself this question,

“Am I about to do what’s easiest, or what’s best?”

The answer wont always seem clear. Sometimes you’ll forget to ask. But the more you use this question the more you’ll remember to ask it. And the more you ask it the better you’ll get at knowing your answer with confidence.
You can do it.

End of Episode Coaching Questions:
What is a specific area of your life where committing to asking yourself, “am I about to do what’s easiest, or what’s best?” will be beneficial for you?
What will help you remember to ask yourself this question? “Am I about to do what’s easiest, or what’s best?”

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