Episode 022 Are You Ready?

You want to live a life you’re proud of. But perhaps you’re not completely confident about what that looks like, or what exactly that means for you. If that’s you – if you feel there may be a gap between your desire to live a life you’re proud of and the life you’re actually living – you’re invited to join me for SWAP 15. SWAP out your normal summer for a Summer With A Purpose.

Here’s the challenge: SWAP out just 15 active minutes a week of whatever you’d normally spend your time on and spend that 15 minutes engaging work that will guide you to clarify your purpose.

Committing to 15 active minutes each week will provide you space to look at your life with intention and walk away with increased confidence about what it means for you to live a life you’re proud of.
That’s why I’m calling it SWAP 15; it’s a Summer With A Purpose accomplished in just 15 active minutes a week. There’s 14 weeks between memorial day and labor day. By committing to that 15 minute SWAP for those 14 weeks by the end of the summer you’ll clarify your purpose and grow your confidence that you know what it means to live a life you’re proud of.

You may remember the first few episodes of the distillery focused on purpose and I created a corresponding purpose journal that is freely available on the website www.thedistillery.group
The original purpose journal will remain freely available on the website, no email address needed. This journal has been updated and retooled as the SWAP 15 workbook which will be available on the website free of charge once you provide your email address. I’m not going to start bombarding you with lots of emails! I want you to give me your email for this one so I can encourage you to stick with me throughout the summer and really use the workbook to clarify your purpose.

The workbook is structured for you to listen to the podcast episode prior to working on the corresponding journal section each week. The podcast episode will introduce the questions/topics you’ll engage that week giving your mind time to think and reflect so you can jump in and complete the work more quickly. The summer podcasts will be short, likely 10 minutes or less. Podcast listening time is considered passive work; you can listen and then reflect on the work to be done while driving, running, cleaning, etc. You can even listen multiple times if you’re someone who needs to think and reflect more before writing or responding. With the preparatory reflection space you should be able to hop in and complete the corresponding section of the purpose journal in just 15 minutes each week.

If you’re happy where you’re at and completely satisfied with your life, that’s fantastic. You could probably still benefit from the SWAP 15 but you may not be too motivated to jump in. But if you’re like most of us and you’ve got some tension, frustration, uncertainty you’d like to address… If you’re not completely confident that you know your purpose or that you know what it means for you to live a life you’re proud of, what are you waiting for?

The Summer With A Purpose episodes start next week! The SWAP 15 workbook will be posted on the website when next week’s podcast episode goes live and we’ll jump right in together. Will you join me?

Think through the kind of summer you’re going to have. Will you have the same kind of summer you normally have and meet the fall in the same busy rhythm you usually repeat? Or will you carve out a little time to give yourself a real gift this summer? To clarify your purpose. To clarify what it really means for you to live a life you’re proud of. What will you choose to do with your time this summer ?

End of episode coaching question:
I’m assuming anyone listening to this podcast has a desire to live a life you’re proud of. How confident are you that you know what that means in your own life?
How could you benefit from clarifying for yourself what it means for you to live a life you’re proud of?
Are you ready to take the challenge and SWAP out your normal summer, whatever that looks like, to join me in a Summer With A Purpose? What might get in your way or hold you back from joining in and sticking with this SWAP 15?

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