SWAP 15 Week 12 – Pause & Reflect

Hello friends. Wow! We’re 12 weeks in, that’s almost 3 full months. It’s time to take a bit of a breather; to pause and reflect on all of your work thus far as you prepare to use that work in crafting your very own purpose statement. Don’t be intimidated! You’ve put in the work and you’re ready to keep going.

This episode, like all the SWAP 15 episodes, corresponds directly to a section of the SWAP 15 workbook which you can download for free from the homepage. I highly encourage you to download and utilize the workbook so you can get the most value out of this series.

Do you have questions? Feedback? Something to share? Leave a comment here. Or head over to The Distillery Podcast Facebook Page and let me know if you’ve downloaded the SWAP 15 workbook and would like to be invited to the private Facebook group.

This summer is nearly over. Yet if you’ve just been listening to these episodes and staying on the periphery it’s definitely not too late! There’s no time like the present to jump in and really engage the episodes and corresponding workbook exercises. You’ll never feel that you easily have time; you must prioritize yourself and make the time to grow. You can do it!

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