SWAP 15 Week 13 – Your Purpose

We’re already here, can you believe it? The second to last week of our 14 week series where you’ve been challenged to swap just 15 minutes a week to focus on clarifying your unique purpose. And now it’s time, this is the week for you to dig in and write your own purpose statement.

This episode, like all the SWAP 15 episodes, corresponds directly to a section of the SWAP 15 workbook which you can download for free from the homepage. I highly encourage you to download and utilize the workbook so you can get the most value out of this series.

A purpose statement isn’t long or all inclusive of everything you might do with your life. A purpose statement is a simple sentence or two that describes how you feel called and shaped to be in the world. If seeing examples is helpful for you spend a couple minutes googling “personal purpose statements” and you’ll be able to find some clear examples.

Do you have questions? Feedback? Something to share? Leave a comment here or send me an email. The end is in sight, finish strong!

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