SWAP 15 Week 2 – Make It Matter

Hello friends! Welcome back to a Summer With A Purpose. SWAP out 15 minutes each week to clarify your purpose and discern what it means for you to live a life you’re proud of. It’s not too late to jump in and join the challenge!

The show notes for the summer episodes will be a little different as each podcast will correspond to a section of the SWAP 15 workbook which you can download for free from the homepage. I highly encourage you to download and utilize the workbook so you can get the most value out of this summer series.

You have several options for engaging in intentional conversation around this episode and getting started in your Summer With A Purpose. Leave a comment here. Head over to AMAfeed where I’m hosting an AMA (ask me anything) and interact with the community there. Or like The Distillery Podcast Facebook Page and let me know if you’ve downloaded the SWAP 15 workbook and would like to be invited to the private Facebook group.

The Summer With A Purpose has just begun. What do you stand to gain if you SWAP out just 15 minutes a week for this challenge? What do you stand to lose if you continue to go about business as usual and don’t attempt to join in and clarify your purpose?

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